Sunday, November 27, 2011

Two places in "Lone Survivor"

The Mountains of Afghanistan was one major place in the book. It is dry, hot, and there was (it seemed) a total lack of water. There was no grass just dirt, rocks and dead trees. Also the mountains have multiple levels and cliffs that Marcus had to clime and slide down. One of the most astonishing things would have to be the silence. As Marcus put it “I would have heard a goat fart form a mile away.”
The second place would have to be the town that aided him in escaping the Taliban called, Sabray. This was not a large town, it’s actually a village. It was led by a village elder, who sent out aid to contact the U.S. Military, for Marcus. The houses were made of cheep wood or dirt and stone. Many kids were in the village who plainly liked Marcus.

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