Sunday, November 27, 2011

Time line for "Lone Survivor"

Time line
1.       Marcus training with Billy Shelton
Around fifteen Marcus found that he wanted to become a SEAL.
2.       Joined and started SEAL training
The first steps that he took to become a SEAL.
3.       Start of Hell Week
This tested and thinned out the people who were not dedicated.
4.       End of Hell Week
Marcus never gave up on his dream.
5.       Completion of SEAL training.
Marcus started on his journey as a SEAL.
6.       Missions in Iraq
Past missions before this one that gave Marcus experience.
7.       Heading to Afghanistan
This is where I learned about the other characters that are with him.
8.       First encounter with the goat herds
Climax and the turning point of the book where they let them go, not knowing they were Taliban.
9.       Battle on the mountain side
All of his team died.
10.   Help form the Afghani town
People helping him survive and escape the Taliban.

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