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I recomend "Lone Survivor"

I would recommend this book to AP students. If a student would enjoy an inspirational story of a hero and his time on an operation in Afghanistan, than this is a great book for them. However, this book does have some vivid details on how his friends died and it touches on religion, this could upset some people. All in all this is one of the best non-fiction books I have ever read.


The book “Lone Survivor” is an autobiography about a Navy SEAL named Marcus Luttrell. Marcus gives the reader a peak into his life. He talks about his training and most of all Hell Week. Even before that he tells about the training around the age fifteen with and ex-marine named Billy Shelton. This was when Marcus knew that he wanted to become a Navy SEAL. Marcus also goes into grim detail about the special operation in Afghanistan where his brothers in arms died. Moreover, he shows the reader what happened when people who are total strangers aided him in returning home.

What is the best chapter in "Lone Survivor"?

Chapter Eight- The Final Battle for Murphy’s Ridge is the best section for this book, because it is the part that contains the climax. Moreover, the chapter gets the emotions flowing to the point where a person couldn’t put the book down if they tried. However, his team does die in this chapter so it can get very sad with his description. This also adds to the part of not wanting to put the book down. Even though, this is a sad chapter it is the best written.

Tone of page 239

Page 239- The authors tone was strained and hopeless for half the page. Two of his friends were passing away right in front of him. While the second half was truthful and dismal. This was because he admitted that he could never get the screams of his friends out of his head.

Time line for "Lone Survivor"

Time line
1.       Marcus training with Billy Shelton
Around fifteen Marcus found that he wanted to become a SEAL.
2.       Joined and started SEAL training
The first steps that he took to become a SEAL.
3.       Start of Hell Week
This tested and thinned out the people who were not dedicated.
4.       End of Hell Week
Marcus never gave up on his dream.
5.       Completion of SEAL training.
Marcus started on his journey as a SEAL.
6.       Missions in Iraq
Past missions before this one that gave Marcus experience.
7.       Heading to Afghanistan
This is where I learned about the other characters that are with him.
8.       First encounter with the goat herds
Climax and the turning point of the book where they let them go, not knowing they were Taliban.
9.       Battle on the mountain side
All of his team died.
10.   Help form the Afghani town
People helping him survive and escape the Taliban.

Two places in "Lone Survivor"

The Mountains of Afghanistan was one major place in the book. It is dry, hot, and there was (it seemed) a total lack of water. There was no grass just dirt, rocks and dead trees. Also the mountains have multiple levels and cliffs that Marcus had to clime and slide down. One of the most astonishing things would have to be the silence. As Marcus put it “I would have heard a goat fart form a mile away.”
The second place would have to be the town that aided him in escaping the Taliban called, Sabray. This was not a large town, it’s actually a village. It was led by a village elder, who sent out aid to contact the U.S. Military, for Marcus. The houses were made of cheep wood or dirt and stone. Many kids were in the village who plainly liked Marcus.

The Characters in "Lone Survivor"

·         Marcus Luttrell- is the main character and the “Lone Survivor.” He is one though, brave, and true Navy SEAL. This was the man who survived an RPG, and was through off a cliff, but still he survived. He is a strongly built man with dark hair with a hard jaw line.
·         Billy Shelton- the man who helped Morgan (Marcus’ twin) and Marcus train for the Navy Seals before they were an age to sign up. Billy is an ex-marine who has a stocky build. When training Marcus, Billy seemed ruthless as a trainer. He was not the tallest guy, is a bit on the older side and going bald.
·         Petty Officer Matthew Axelson- He was smart, brave, and an American hero. He was tall, with short dark hair and he was married to a woman named Cindy. Marcus describes him as “He held the left flank on the mountain for two hours, under fire. He was shot twice, both times badly hurt but still he kept fighting.”
·         Lieutenant Michael Murphy- He was strong, hilarious, and brave. This was the man who risked his life to call in support. He was shot about five times and still hung on to fight for a few more minutes. He too was talk with darker hair and was married.
·         Petty Officer Danny Dietz- He was a friend, a brave man, and a Navy SEAL. This was Marcus’ close friend. He provided them cover fire all afternoon, then got wounded and still kept fighting. Like the other men he had the relative same build.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Why the Title Lone Survivor

Marcus Luttrell, the author, was the only member of SEAL team 10 to survive their trip to Afghanistan.

Author of Lone Survivor

Marcus Luttrell To Speak at the National FOP 60th Conference
          Marcus Luttrell is the author, who served in the SEAL Team 10, the main focus of the book. Born November 7, 1975. He knew that he would become a SEAL and started to train at 15 with a former soldier named Billy Shelton. He joined the military, to be in the Navy, in 1999. He has a brother named Morgan, they are twins, both served in the military. This book was the only book he published to my known knowledge.

Lone Survivor

MLA documentation for this book:

Luttrel, Marcus. Lone Survivor. Little, Brown and Company; Reprint Edition. 1 May 2009

Monday, October 17, 2011

My New book.

I chose Freakonomics as my book because I found that it peeked my interest. The questions on the back got me hooked right away. "Which is more dangerous, a gun or a swimming pool? What do schoolteachers and sumo wrestlers have in common? How much to parents really matter?" The book has facts that I did not know before and that I am surprised to learn. I would recommend this book to anyone of any age, sounds like it would be boring but it is very interesting.

Edit: I have just changed my book to the Lone Survivor, I find it to be a well rounded book and it just peeked my intres more than Freakonomics.

Monday, October 10, 2011

My summary and reaction to "Why I Write: Writing about Science"

     Anil Ananthaswamy tells his story about why he writes about science. It shows Ananthaswamy idolizing Steven Weinberg and his works about science, and how "it gives meaning to ones life." Ananthaswamy likes writing because it lets you explore words, he gets a thrill and wishes to convey that to the reader.  My reaction after I read this was understanding, because I felt the same way about science. I too think science is a interesting thing to behold, mainly because i wish to become a biologist.

My reaction to "And Then I Read..."

     And Then I Read... by Walter Myers, I felt that is was an insperation about writing. When he incorperates his mother and how she is a large influence on his life, it hits home and makes me think of my mom helping me take my first steps into reading and writing. Mayers describes the relationship between reading and writing blur into one another, i agree someone can not enjoy writing with out enjoying reading (each person likes their own type of book) they go hand and hand.