Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Characters in "Lone Survivor"

·         Marcus Luttrell- is the main character and the “Lone Survivor.” He is one though, brave, and true Navy SEAL. This was the man who survived an RPG, and was through off a cliff, but still he survived. He is a strongly built man with dark hair with a hard jaw line.
·         Billy Shelton- the man who helped Morgan (Marcus’ twin) and Marcus train for the Navy Seals before they were an age to sign up. Billy is an ex-marine who has a stocky build. When training Marcus, Billy seemed ruthless as a trainer. He was not the tallest guy, is a bit on the older side and going bald.
·         Petty Officer Matthew Axelson- He was smart, brave, and an American hero. He was tall, with short dark hair and he was married to a woman named Cindy. Marcus describes him as “He held the left flank on the mountain for two hours, under fire. He was shot twice, both times badly hurt but still he kept fighting.”
·         Lieutenant Michael Murphy- He was strong, hilarious, and brave. This was the man who risked his life to call in support. He was shot about five times and still hung on to fight for a few more minutes. He too was talk with darker hair and was married.
·         Petty Officer Danny Dietz- He was a friend, a brave man, and a Navy SEAL. This was Marcus’ close friend. He provided them cover fire all afternoon, then got wounded and still kept fighting. Like the other men he had the relative same build.

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