Thursday, April 5, 2012

Three Major Parts of Go Ask Alice

Firstly, she wanted to fit in in the early stages of the book. When she went back home to help her grandparents out some of her "friends" invited her to play a "game" called "Who's got the button?" In this game they slip LSD into some drinks and when she drank her drink she got a glass with LSD in it and began to get high. This single moment got her addicted to drugs and began her change in life. Second, was when she returned home and severed the ties with her old life and friends. Only to make new ones that had the same interest of drugs as she did. This marked another change one almost set in stone that she could never come back from. (one can come back from a bad trip and never use again but surrounded by people who enjoy it a person can be trapped). Lastly, all of the bad influence led to her running away from home many times, when she had to hitch hike to Denver was another major moment. having been high for the whole trip showed that she no longer cared for her safety.

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